digital marketing tips for 2019

Five fantastic ideas to boost online business activity in 2019

Staying positive and seizing business opportunities in 2019

2019 is set to be an interesting time for organisations around the UK.

The phrase “Brexit is looming”, and fear of the unknown territory that we’re about to explore, is everywhere… So what can a CEO, Director or Business Owner do this year to give their organisation the best possible chance of pulling through this uncertainty with steady figures, or even growth?

International trading activity through building a strong global online presence for quality British products, services and organisations seems like a pretty good start to me…. but as a digital marketer, I might be a little bias…

The growth of eCommerce

You can’t deny that the growth of eCommerce and online purchasing has been exceptional over the last ten years, and that it’s incredibly important for businesses who intend to not just survive, but thrive, to have a strong online presence:

  • 54% of ALL Millennial purchases are now made online
  • 77% of adults have now made a purchase online
  • By 2040, it is thought 95% of purchases will be facilitated by eCommerce

The problem that we face is that small and medium business owners can sometimes struggle to approach digital marketing, as they don’t possess the knowledge and skills that they need to do this effectively themselves.

Furthermore, SME’s can’t afford to facilitate expensive marketing teams, the equipment and software that they need, or the premises to house them… so what can you do?

Five ideas to boost digital marketing activity in 2019

Tip 1: Re-write the copy on your website

If you have a website that you haven’t revisited since the year the internet was created, then you’re probably due a review.

Over the years your product or service will have evolved – Your website should be evolving alongside it!

Remove those tired images, old tag lines and sketchy pieces of copy and focus your copy so that it can truly represent your organisation and it’s offerings.

Plus, Google likes pages that get updated as it wants to direct searchers to the best, most useful and up to date information possible! Find out more about professional copy writing services here.

Tip 2: Know about SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is what marketers do to ensure that their content has the best chance of being found by their target audience organically. It involves practices such as keyword research, the way that you write for web, link building, outreach and more.

The more that you know about SEO, the more you will be able to manipulate your content to give your organisation the best possible chance of taking the top spot for what you want your business to be searched for.

There are a lot of online resources and professionals that can help you to develop your website SEO – All that you need to do is look for them!

Tip 3: Create some captivating content

Noone wants to read boring dribble…

If you send your web readers to sleep, then they’ll be too busy catching Zzz’s to make a purchase. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to relax your professionalism, it simply means that you need to use a tone that your target audience can engage with.

When customers engage with your content his will decrease your bounce rate and improve your quality score as Google recognises that people are visiting your page and staying there, so it must be a good source of information! 

Get engaging content for your business here.

Tip 4: Find a way to be useful

There are so many websites out there that consist of a nothing more than a bunch of promotional bumpf, it’s getting silly…

Finding a way to provide value to your web users that extends beyond your tangible product offering is a great way to prove that your website should be top dog.

Become the information source that your customers need, provide direction and above all, provide value – Google will reward you!

This could include online tools such as a service finder, learning materials, quizzes or short courses that will help your audience learn new skills and choose their direction from an informed perspective.

Tip 5: Promote your website

You could have the most fantastic product or service in the world, but if noone knows about it, you can’t expect to make many sales.

The same concept applies to your website. Websites need to be promoted too so that you can drive traffic to your online purchasing platforms.

You can do this by connecting to other sites such as directories and forums in your industry, getting back link, using PPC, social media, e-campaigns or even publications.

Getting help with your digital marketing

At Arc Angel Advertising, we love to help SME’s to develop their knowledge in digital marketing and assist them to build their online presence.

If you require assistance with your SEO, require any blog or copy writing service or would simply like some advice, please feel free to email us at or submit your enquiry below.

Have a great day and good luck in 2019!

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