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2019 F&B Market Trends: Balancing image and personality in the food and beverage industry

Thank you for a great expo Pub19! 

Arc Angel Advertising went along to Pub19 to learn about the latest technology, industry updates and digital marketing trends that the food and beverage industry should expect.  

We had a fantastic time meeting new friends, listening to insightful speakers and learning about how we can help businesses within this sector.  

Below you can find out more about what we discovered…  

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Changes in consumer demands in the food and beverage industry 

food and beverage marketing trends 4Over recent years, there has been a great deal of concern within the F&B industry, as a lot of the pubs that we remember from our youth have now closed down.  

This is because consumer demands have changed from simply wanting somewhere to hide out from the wife and get a pint after work, to a different beast entirely.  

The typical bar-fly-style local haunt is disappearing in favour of places that offer much more than a place to drink booze. But an experience, a photo opportunity and a community that can frequently engage our increasingly short attention spans.  

We believe that the answer to what this industry wants is quality, with a perfect balance of image and personality. 

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The difference between business image and personality 

What matters in this sort of business is kind of the same as love or friendship.  

A punter will see a fabulous looking place and try it out at the first opportunity. However, if the personality isn’t right, or there is something to be desired, they’re not likely to return or enter into a frequent commitment, are they? 


The trick is a good balance between the two! Drag them in with your dashing smile and good looks, then get them to stick around because they love spending time with you.  

So, how do you do it?… 

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What’s your business personality? 

The first question that you need to ask yourself is what’s my businesses personality? Is it consistent? And does it create a great atmosphere that makes people want to come back?  

Basically, would you want to be friends with your business? 

Consumers are now looking for an experience and entertainment, so if the answer is no, then maybe your personality needs a little work… 

A brilliant suggestion that coincides with improving this was labelled by the fabulous Charlie McVeigh from Draft House as “auditing for craziness!” 

Bizarre though this statement may appear at first, when in a panel discussion at Pub19, he explained the modern importance of the staff behind the great pubs and bars that we enjoy. He said that we should be “celebrating people who not only know their way around a spreadsheet, but know their way around a customer too”.  

And that “the hardest people to manage, create the experience that you want to go to!” 

Your staff are one of the main structural pillars that keep your business going, so we need to make sure that we value the crazy in all of them, as it just might be some of your customers’ favourite thing about your establishment.  

food and beverage marketing trends 4

Personality breeds character and atmosphere, which at 29% is also the top answer for when punters were asked “which elements of pub life are most important to you when visiting a pub?” in a recent study in the Pub Trends Report.  

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What’s your business image? 

Image also contributes towards atmosphere, so you need to make sure that the two match in order to create a good balance for your business. 

Other answers to the pre-mentioned question “which elements of pub life are most important to you when visiting a pub?” included: 

food and beverage marketing trends 3“Outdoor spaces” (18%), “a pleasing interior” (16%) and “good background music” (16%). 

However, you’d be mistaken if you thought that image was entirely about what you look like… 

It’s also about how you portray yourself. 

So, if you’re the new modern, ultra-cool hangout that everyone needs to know about, then you need to lead by example and make sure that everyone knows what you have to offer. 

…A cocktail named after a robot in that film that you love is simply not enough! 

A better avenue if you want to modernise, could be contactless entertainment. It’ll be wide spread over coming years and gives your customers faster, easier ways to access their favourite games and music.  

So, why not get there first and promote your business by holding tournaments and games nights to draw in weeknight crowds and show off your tech? 

Alternatively, if you’re more of a sophisticated wine bar style venue, then you may want to enhance your exterior with an elegant Gin Garden – You could even throw a summer time soiree to launch it, or create regular breakfast networking events to access your pool of local business professionals! 

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What to do if you know you’ve got it right? 

If you already have a wonderful image and a great personality then, amazing! You’re a step ahead of the game… All that’s left for you to do is promote your fabulous creation! 

You could have the most wonderful business in the world, but if the right people don’t know about it then they couldn’t possibly participate, which means it’ll be more likely to fail.  

In this digital age, your image and personality need to span across all channels. This means having a great online presence with a valuable website that engages with customers when they are both on and off premises.  

You could try using fun and interesting articles, social media, apps and clever e-campaigns that captivate their attention and draw them in to your next big gathering – the possibilities really are endless, but the point remains the same. 

Make sure that people know about you! 

Arc angel advertising digital marketing services

Arc Angel Advertising can help you to promote your new launch, menu or event night and aid your organisation in creating a digital impression that lasts.  

Get in touch with the team if you require any assistance.  

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Contact Arc Angel Advertising for your digital marketing needs

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