why content marketing is essential 1

Why is content marketing essential for your business?

What is content marketing?

why content marketing is essential 1As a business owner or senior manager, you may have heard the term content marketing thrown around by various marketing professionals, and with good reason!

Providing value and a useful online user experience is now the name of the game for anyone who’s aiming for the top spot in relevant search results.

The algorithms and tools that the big search sites are now using are not so easily fooled by advertorials – They are hunting for quality.

This will only continue as, with each new update, they get smarter and better at distinguishing great information from the proverbial sales pitching wolf in sheep’s clothing…

So, if you want to attract the right audience, and keep them coming back, quality content marketing can be a great way to retain customers and attract new ones through providing value.

The objective of this is to build your quality score, and by extension your searchability. This in turn means more traffic and more conversions.

Clever content may benefit your business in more ways than you know, however, if you’re still questioning if it is essential for your business, here’s five BIG BENEFITS of using quality content on your website…

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Five benefits of quality content marketing

Display brand personality

Although it’s essential that your website provides a clear direction and a great user experience – No-one likes a bore.

According to Ember Tribe, as a rule, 95% of the people that visit your website won’t return.

This means that you’re consistently having to discover new ways to reach new people, which can be soul destroying!

If your website reaches this point, then it’s about time that you started working smart, not hard, by hooking those potential customers and keeping them with some awesomely engaging content.

Interesting blog posts, videos or eBooks for your customers to engage with really gives you a chance to captivate your user’s attention, break the mold and jazz things up a bit.

Creating a great eBook, an insightful blog, funky infographic or quirky video that give your audience something useful may also mean that the next time they’re in a pickle, they might just remember the folks that gave them that useful information last time.

Even better, they might start following your business so that they can get your new insight (and special offers) first. The best bit about content marketing is, you can be both professional and fun when doing this, if you get your tone right, you just need to be creative!

Find out more about where to find a professional content writer here.

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Improve credibility

According to an article in Search Engine Journal, 84% of millennials surveyed said that they do not like seeing advertisements at all.  why content marketing is essential 1

This means if your site is full of none too subtle advertorials, you should probably update your blog and webpages, because they could be having an adverse effect on your online audience.

Clever, informative content can raise the credibility of your website, brand and overall business.

First of all, if you are providing optimised, quality insight then you are more likely to be given a better ranking from online search engines, which means more traffic.

Secondly, according to a survey by Search Engine Journal, 84% of people value online reviews as much as they do the opinions of their peers.

From a content perspective, this means that online audiences want to see case studies that prove your value. So, if you’ve gone above and beyond for a customer or two, then shout about it! It helps your online readers to feel safe in their investments and confident that your business will produce results.

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Build your search engine rank

There are some marketers that believe search engine optimisation (SEO) is actually all about content marketing. After all, the written word is how we target the phrases that our audience is searching for.

There are many other factors that can build your quality score such as reviews and good backlinks, however, quality content will also be the dominant element in the equation.

As previously mentioned, there are several algorithms that run through search engines. Each tests your website in different ways and they are not easily fooled.

why content marketing is essential 4

Therefore, you need to be able to provide credible evidence that you deserve to be on that first page.

Authentic, quality blog content can help you to achieve this. It’s a great way to extend the information offering on your website while targeting new keywords and phrases naturally.

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Increase customer engagement & authority

If people aren’t returning to your site, engaging content is a creative way to improve your customer engagement.

According to Hubspot, businesses with 401-1000 pages of content get 6x more online leads than those with 51-100.

This displays that having extra pages on your site isn’t a bad thing as long as they provide value. Furthermore, creating targeted blog posts will help you to populate your social media pages, get users interacting with your website and increase your following.

If people see your interesting articles as useful, you gain authority points through their likes, comments, shares and returning visits which all counts towards your climb to the top spot.

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Sales, sales, sales

search engine optimisation

If your traffic increases, you should also see your website convert more enquiries and sales.

This isn’t always the case, as it depends on how effectively you’re targeting your content, but if you’re pulling in the right traffic, then you shouldn’t go far wrong!

Valuable content has a good life and can help potential customers to remember you.

Although there’s no possible way to accurately discover who remembers you and for what, it definitely does happen. You give your business the best chance of being the feature of this type of memory by being that credible source of information. Therefore, you are more likely to be the business that they choose when they’re ready to make a purchase that concerns your area of expertise.

Content may be a slower burner and harder to measure than other marketing channels, but it definitely gives people something to remember you by, and the longevity of this authority is extremely valuable.

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How to get started writing clever content?

If you’ve chosen to start adding value to your online presence, then you have a couple of options to get started:

1) Learn how to create professional, SEO friendly content yourself – You can find useful books here!

2) Hire a professional content writer to help you

3) Maverick it and hope for the best

As you are a busy professional, we understand that you might not have the time to learn about how to create content yourself, so if you want to get started without the hassle, get in touch with Arc Angel Advertising.

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