What are E-campaigns and how can they help ?

Depending on your organisational objectives, there are a variety of e-campaign strategies that you can utilise for your business: for example…. 

Retention & Acquisition Strategies

These E-campaigns are strategies used to help retain the current customer base your business already holds and of course, to attract and keep new potential customers.

These can range from things like loyalty schemes, easier online customer service access and promotional sales campaigns. To help improve your customer journey from start to finish


Promotional & Sales

Every business, no matter how big or small needs customers to thrive and profit. Promotions and Sales are a great way to draw in new customers and also keep your existing customers loyal and happy.

Other than referrals, sales are massive part of any business and we can help you to achieve this using promotional E campaigns to drive those sales up and gain the audience you want.


Product Launches & Press Releases

Another way e- campaigns can help you is by promoting your latest brand and products to global potential. How do you achieve the results that you desire with confidence that your new product or service will reach the right audience?

The correct answer is targeting, clever content and connections. A combination of these three elements can help to you extend your reach and access the people who are looking for products and services just like yours.


Company Update Mailers

Monthly or weekly blogs, newsletters and E-mails can also help to keep you in the loop with current practices and changes to the business industry, These can be great tools to gain new and upcoming knowledge and forecasts.


Internal Engagement & HR

Our internal staff engagement strategies can help you to retain your team and motivate your staff to help them utilise their skills and passion to enhance your business. Our tailored processes can involve anything from company news and developments to industry updates and internal perk updates.

Ethos: “If you look after your staff, your staff will look after you business”


Whether you require a creative, engaging strategy for your existing customer or newsletter data, or want a great stand-alone campaign to coincide with a new offer or product launch, Angel Advertising can help you to achieve results.




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