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What is seasonal marketing? 

Definition: Seasonal marketing consists of the promotional activities that you do around each public holiday or seasonal event in the year.  seasonal marketing campaigns easter spring

This type of marketing isn’t just limited to seasonal products, like Christmas Tree’s and Easter Eggs, but it encompasses all types of businesses, products and services. 

Meaning that every business can take advantage of annual festivities and boost sales by promoting their offerings with clever seasonal messaging. 

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How seasonal marketing can help your business 

seasonal marketing campaigns halloweenOver recent years, traditional public holidays are being surrounded by wacky days dedicated to everything from peanut butter to hugging a stranger.  

This has created a plethora of opportunity for marketers, senior managers and business owners alike as there are now more events to create engaging content for than ever before! 

Discover upcoming seasonal events that you can take advantage of here. 

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How to create seasonal marketing campaigns 

If you already know which seasonal events that you would like to create marketing materials for, then it’s time to start thinking about your campaigns!  seasonal marketing campaigns christmas

A good seasonal marketing campaign makes the most of all of your distribution channels including your website, social media channels, blog, and email lists.  

You could create competitions, offer insight or even put a seasonal twist on your business… who doesn’t love a builder in bunny ears at Easter anyway? 

Just remember to keep your messaging and seasonal offering strong, clear and easy to engage with so that you can reap the benefits of this type of marketing. 

Short on time? Get in touch to hire some help.

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Seasonal marketing campaign packages 

At Arc Angel Advertising, we want to help small businesses to explore the opportunities of seasonal marketing, so we offer a range of packages, advice, and assistance to help them get started.  

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your business or take advantage of our Seasonal Marketing Package for Summer 2019! 

Start your seasonal campaigns for Summer 2019 with our exclusive offer! 

The Summer 2019 digital marketing package includes: 

  • A consultation to identify your requirements 
  • Summer 2019 branded promotional banners for your social media pages 
  • Branded Summer promotion images for social sharing 
  • Summer 2019 email campaign (template & copy) 
  • Summer 2019 landing page for your website 

Use promo code SUMMER19 on your enquiry to get the package for just £195.