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Marketing jargon buster

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Digital marketing jargon buster 

To be a successful senior business manager, CEO or small business owner, a deep knowledge of every single aspect of business and every technical phrase in the world is not required. 

You simply need to be able to source and utilise your resources effectively.  

This could mean outsourcing, hiring people with the skills that the rest of your team lack or developing them so that they can learn something new  

– You may even pick up something useful yourself!

digital marketing services

Online marketing jargon buster for SME’s 

At Arc Angel Advertising, we want to help you to develop your understanding of marketing alongside your strategy whilst we help you to create some fantastic content to help you out along the way. 

To help you to get started, we are pleased to present our digital marketing jargon buster. 

digital marketing services

Digital marketing basics definitions 

Keywords: The words and phrases that your target audience uses to find products and services. 

Content: This could include a lot of different aspects of your website such as images, text, videos, forms, landing pages, links and more. 

Copy: An extract of text. 

Domain name: The part of a network address that identifies it as belonging to a particular domain. 

E-Commerce: Online purchasing through websites and other digital marketing activities. 

Optimise: Making something the best it can be. 

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Building your website 

Hyperlinks: Links to other pages, this is the governing term for any type of link. 

Backlinks: Links that another organisations has on their website that links back to your website. 

Internal links: Links that go from a page on an organisations website to another page on the same website. 

External links: Links that go from your organisations website to another organisations website. 

Anchor text: Text that is coded to help web users to jump to different areas of the page. 

Meta title: The title that is seen for each web page when it appears on Google. 

Meta description: The description that is seen for each web page when it appears on Google. 

H tags: The piece of code that you use to identify text as a title. 

digital marketing services

Running your website 

SEO: Search engine optimisation or “SEO” is the term that is used to describe the techniques that you can use to improve your websites authority, visibility, usability and searchability. 

Google analytics: The reporting system that helps you to analyse your web traffic. 

Impressions: An impression is the number of times a social post is viewed. If a post is viewed twice by one person, this will give you two impressions. 

Reach: Reach is how many different people and organisations have seen a social media post or web page 

Page views: A page view is the number of times a web page is viewed. If a page is viewed twice by the same person, this will give you two page views. Unique page views are the number of different people that have viewed your page. 

Bounce rate: The percentage of people who exit your page immediately or without taking action. 

Conversion rate: The amount of sales/ enquiries / interest your page generates depending on the goal rules that you set for Google analytics. 

SERP: Search engine results pages

Code: The text that is behind the text that computers read to format pages and carry out commands. 

digital marketing services

Promoting your website 

E-campaigns: Targeting your customers using emails 

Outreach: Targeting your customers by placing your brand into networks where they are likely to hang out. 

PPC: Paid advertising / pay per click

CPC: Cost per click 

CPA: Cost per acquisition 

Rank/ ranking: The position your web page is found when you search for your products and/ or services. 

digital marketing services

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